Everytime I log onto Facebook I see the phrase “What’s on your mind.” Honestly, there are a lot of things on my mind this morning.

How can I be a better Christian? How can I get the courage to help others get to know Christ? Do my actions reflect the child of God that it should? Am I a good enough example to my kids? Am I doing all I can to get my kids and wife to Heaven? What can I do to make myself be a Christian role model for them and others?

I struggle… A lot… With a lot of things… I let people down a lot, especially my family. I should be a better husband. I need to be a better father. More importantly, I need to be a better child of God.

I laid in bed last night and watched my beautiful wife sleep. A little miniature beauty was cuddled up next to her. Two pieces of my heart that I can’t live without. The boys were tucked away in their beds, peacefully asleep. The four earthly beings that I care about so much… Am I doing enough to make sure their souls are destined for Heaven?

I know that I am not the only one that has these thoughts. I think it is common for Christians to think these every now and again. It’s good because it can help us refocus on our path.

Today, I pray that I can be a better child of God, husband to my amazing wife, and father to my three awesome kids.

So, What’s in your mind?

If you are struggling with anything, I would love to try to help. It can be anything. Struggling with addiction? Alcohol? Work? Anything, please let me try to help.

God is Good…

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