When we all get to Heaven

Can you imagine what Heaven will be like? We often have thoughts that go through our mind of what we would like Heaven to be like. When we drive by a big nice house with a big yard, sometimes we think of Heaven and the mansion that God has promised if we get the opportunity to be with Him. 

Last night, we attended a congregational signing at one of our friend’s congregations. There were about 250 people there for a couple of hours. There were half a dozen or so song leaders that lead different songs throughout the night. For two hours, we sang praises to our God. Brothers and sisters in Christ came from all over the area to be with each other and worship through song. They could have chosen anything else to do on a Friday night but they chose to put Christ first. 

The amazing sound of 250 voices, no instruments, all coming together in harmony with each other was simply amazing. It was an emotional night. 

After the singing was over, everyone stayed and enjoyed fellowship with each other. Many people did not know others but you would not have known that by the way they were enjoying each others company. 

Then, when the fellowship concluded, a small group went back into another chapel area and sang for another 15 minutes. The pure a capella sound of voices of all ages coming together at once was soul touching. 

When you attend things like this, it can be moving and change your life. If things like this move you on earth, can you only imagine how much better it will be when God allows all of us to join Him in Heaven to sing praises to Him? It will be something that cannot be mimicked here on earth. 

There is nothing like using your God-given vocal cords to make harmony with others. If you want to experience this for eternity, you have to get your life right with Christ and live for Him. There are many Biblical sound congregations around that can help you get to Heaven. If you don’t know where to start, join our family and we can help get you on the right track. Put God First. 

God is Good. 


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