The Drive To Finish

Over the past couple of days, there has been a viral story going around about the Boston Marathon.  A veteran started running the marathon. Towards the end of the race, Micah Herndon, was starting to cramp up in his legs. Soon, his legs were too tired to finish the race and he fell to his knees. Micah did not give up then. He turned down help from many. Most people would have called it quits when they fell but Micah decided to complete the race by crawling to the finish line. 

This story is inspirational. Not only is it inspirational because he never gave up and gave well over 100% to complete the race; he ran the race in memory of his fallen comrades. Micah was involved in a horrific accident when the vehicle he was traveling in was hit with an IED while in Iraq. The explosion killed two of his fellow marines instantly and another died later of his injuries. Micah ran the race for them so he knew that no matter what, in their memory, he had to complete the race. 

What if we had the same drive to finish our race to Heaven as Micah did during the Boston Marathon? Many of the people I have known live very solid faithful lives when they are new Christians. They have the drive to succeed that is very hard to interrupt. Then, as the race continues, they grow older and they start to slowly get tired. For some reason, they slow down a lot in their involvement with the Lord’s work. Some even believe that what they had accomplished earlier in their life will be good enough to carry them across the finish line. Then, when they get to the end, they may be too weak spiritually to finish the race. 

During the Boston Marathon, you must finish the race to get the credit for the race. It doesn’t matter how you start the race, what matters is how you finish the race. 

Isn’t that the same with our Christian walk? Shouldn’t we be focused on how we are going to finish the race? 

If you are in the middle of the race and you have really slowed down with your motivation to finish, we want to be able to help you. We want to pray for you and we want to help you get back on the right track so you can finish the race strong. No matter how far you have fallen behind, God will help you get right to the front again. It is up to you. You must be willing to run the race as God intended. 

God is Good.

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