Yesterday, we visited the NASA space center in Huntsville. This visit was different than the one in the past because I actually had time to move around freely while the kids were in a lab. I spent a good amount of time reading the information on the different displays.

It’s amazing to me the amount of planning that had to go into the building, not only of the space shuttles but the entire space program itself. When you are standing at the bottom of the shuttle at the five massive engineers, it’s hard not to think about the amount of power that each one is them hold. Then the brainpower behind the people that developed each individual one.

We often times don’t think about how things are built and what all goes into the process, we simply enjoy the final product that we have been given.

Have you ever sat back and thought about how hard it would be to build our entire universe? That thought alone shows us how powerful our God is. He built a system that makes the NASA space program look like a kids Lego model. The complexity that God used to create our world is far more than all of our brains together. From the smallest to the largest thing in existence, God individually created it. No one else could ever accomplish anything near what He has already done and continues to do.  

Genesis 1 lays out what God created in six days. While the Bible didn’t go into details on the process that God used, it gives us a clear picture of how He built the heavens and the Earth we all enjoy today.

Next time you have time to yourself, thank Him for everything He has for you.

If you don’t know God, I would love to help you get to know Him. You are what Earth it’s like, imagine what Heaven will be like. It’s something that you would not want to miss out on.


God is good…

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