Why Sing?

Last night, close to a thousand people gathered around a fountain at the Opryland Hotel. It was about 10:30 P.M. and even after a long day of sprinting from one side of the hotel to the other, people still took time to gather together for one last time of the night. They gathered to end an amazing day by singing praise to God, thanking Him for everything He has done to allow all of us to be where we are this weekend. 

Why do we sing? 

Singing has been a part of praising God since very early in the scriptures. Now, even today, we still gather together to sing praises to Him. 

When we sing, we connect emotionally and spiritually with each other in ways that only God could create. Singing not only helps build our relationship with Christ but also helps build our relationship with others. 

I encourage you all to listen to the video on Southern Hills church of Christ Facebook page. The pure acapella sound of close to a thousand people is uplifting. Hearing only the voices of God’s family with not interruption from instruments is powerful. 

Why do we sing? To glorify God. To connect to Him emotionally and spiritually. To connect to others in the same way. There are many more reasons people sing praises to God.. Why do you? 

God is good…

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