Easter every Sunday

Today the world celebrated Easter. Little kids, and parents, dressed in new clothes that many had purchased just for this special occasion. Some had even planned this one Sunday coordination of colors for a few months so they would be perfect for any picture session that may spontaneously occur. 

Besides the clothes, Easter Sunday is a day of the year that people who don’t worship Christ much show up to a worship service to worship. It is great to see many Christians come together and worship Christ. 

Call me old school but I’m not your typical millennial.

To me, Easter is just another day. Well, it is not just another day because it does fall on a Sunday, the 1st day of the week. To me, Easter is just another Sunday. I know, you are thinking “HOW CAN HE BELIEVE THAT EASTER IS JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER SUNDAY?” Well, because it actually is like every other Sunday. 

Sunday was set apart from any other day of the week because that is the day that Christ resurrected, John 20:1-2 (hence Easter Sunday). That was the first ‘Easter’. Since then, the early church, the church in the Bible, set aside the 1st day of every week to remember the death, the burial, and the resurrection. The key word is every day (Acts 20:7). It really doesn’t say, “set aside one day of the year to get your best clothes on and come worship Christ”. 

Act 20: 7 shows that people assembled on the first day of the week, each week. Sunday was the first day of the week. Christians gathered together, each Sunday, to break bread (Lord’s Supper). Then, they preached and tried to convert others to Christ. 

So really, Easter is every Sunday. It’s not just one Sunday a year. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with celebrating the resurrection of Christ on Easter. It is actually very nice to see so many people gathering with their Christian families and celebrating. We need to keep in mind that if we are following the example of the church of the Bible, His resurrection should be celebrated every first day of the week. 

If you are one of those who attended service for the first time this year because it is ‘Easter Sunday’, I pray that you heard a message today that will motivate you to follow the example of the church of the Bible. I pray that next Sunday you will wake up and go back to that church and hear another message from God’s word. 

If you need a place to worship, please let us know and we can help you find a Biblically sound congregation of believers that will help you grow closer to Christ and guide you on the path to eternity with Him. 

God is Good. 

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