Watering Your Yard

This morning, I was sitting outside after the kids and Ashley went to school. The dog was moseying around the yard acting like he was protecting his home. Sprinklers came on in the neighborhood and started watering the yard. The purpose was to help water the yard before the sun hit it, giving the grass more strength so it will not wilt over due to the heat. 

If the heat hits the grass and the grass is not strong enough to withstand it, it can die off quickly or become damaged and take a long time to repair. A lot of people take the time to fertilize their yards before they water it as well so it gives it added resources to help strengthen it. The right fertilizer is required of it will not help the grass grow at all. Then, we add the weed killers in to help keep our yards looking good and not overcome with grasses that can destroy our lawn. 

When we go out into the world, we face many different situations that can damage our own personal health, spiritually. Everywhere we go, there are weeds that can enter our life and slowly begin to overtake it. We have to be prepared to be able to destroy these weeds before they drag us down. Unfortunately, the world has made these weeds look like they are ornamental grasses that will make our lives better but then we are hit hard with it and before we know it, we are destroyed. 

It takes a lot to repair us spiritually when we have become of the world. Habits are hard to break and new habits that will get on back on track are hard to get started. We have to start from scratch. Those of us know love having a nice lawn know that when it is too late to repair it, we have to start over. Sometimes that involves tilling up the yard and laying all new grass. Spiritually, that works the same way. We have to remove ourselves completely from what we were involved in. If it is work, you may have to find a new job. If your child is wrapped up in bad things in school, it may be time to swap or homeschool. Once we are removed from the situation, we can then begin to rebuild and regrow our relationship with Christ. We can apply the right fertilizer and water ourselves with the Word of God so we will be strong enough to fight off the weeds that will try to re-enter of life. 

If you are one who is wrapped up in a lifestyle that is not going to get you to Heaven, we would love to help you start over. God is a forgiving God and we are forgiving people. We would love to have you join us and we can work together to fight off the negativity the world has created. It is up to you to want to spend eternity with Christ. 

God is Good.

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