Time To Renew

The past couple of days have been a day of renewing things for me. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit the always fun county clerk’s office to renew my tags on our vehicle. I’m not sure if I have ever met someone that loved doing this. Nothing like sitting in line, waiting for our turn, just to get to work with someone who noticeably does not like the job they have. 

Today, I had to renew my driver’s license and handgun permit before they expire in a couple of months. The DMV offices are another office that I really do not enjoy going to but luckily the state of Tennessee allows us to renew these two licenses online and do not have to deal with the wait or people who ‘love their job’. 

In our spiritual life, how often do we think to renew our relationship with Christ? When we were baptized, our relationship with Christ did not have an expiration date. It will last from that day until you leave the earth to your final destination. But, there are some cases where we proudly hold the license with Christ and then there are the times where we misplace it and maybe even lose it. It is those cases that when it is lost, we must go back to Him and get it renewed. 

The best part about renewing our relationship with Christ is that there is not a waiting line. We don’t have to go wait for hours to tell someone who doesn’t enjoy their job that we need our faith renewed. Christ loves when we come to Him that is why we don’t have to wait at all. 

For those who have not fully committed to Christ, the line to Him is always opened. You don’t have to wait for a special day to join God’s family. The day can be today. Baptism can happen at any time and at any place. All you have to do is repent of your sins, confess your belief in Christ, and be baptized. Don’t wait because it could be too late. 

If you need restored or need to start your life with Christ, we can help you out. 

God is Good…


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