You Are Already Chosen

You are in elementary school and playing and it is your turn to go outside. While all of the other kids are excited and ready to play, you are the opposite. Instead, you calmly walk out of the building and slowly walk towards the playground. 

A basketball game is about to start and the teams are being picked. You know you a good basketball player so you decide to go to the court and play. Two captains are chosen and they begin to pick. Player after player is picked. Quickly all of the players but you have been chosen. The two captains look at each other and try to decide on which team would take you. Instead of being picked, you slowly lower your head and walk away. 

The recess time that is loved by so many becomes the time of the day that you dread the most. You don’t dread it because you don’t enjoy playing. You dread it because of the fear of being excluded from the things you love to do as well. 

If you were that kid, how did it make you feel? If you are that kid today, how does it make you feel? Did you feel unwanted or rejected? 

We must teach our kids to be Christlike in every way possible. Even if that means picking the last kid first sometimes. We have all been kids and some reading this may be kids and we know how it makes us feel when we are picked last. Being Christlike means picking everyone. Some may not be able to play every game due to the number of players needed but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to sit out and let that person play in your spot. 

God is the perfect example of the perfect team captain. Before we were even born, He picked us. He picked us to represent Him. He picked us to be on His team. Ephesians 1:4 tells us that God chose us before He created the world. He picked us to be on His team and no one was left out. Everyone has the opportunity to participate. 

To the child that is picked last and sometimes not picked at all, there is peace knowing that you are already picked for a team much more amazing than a recess basketball team. You have been picked for God’s team. God loves you. God chose you. God is using you and your experiences to be able to help others who are in need of help. 

Parents, please speak with your kids about the importance of showing love to all. God commands us to love one another. It is important that we instill this in our kids at a young age. If they are the captain and one kid never gets picked, maybe we could tell our kids to swap with that child or even skip the game and go play with them. Be Christlike. 

God is good…


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