Prom Season

It is prom season. Facebook is filled with photos of parents sharing prom photos of their boys and girls. For seniors, it is a milestone to reach the prom because it marks the end of an era. The end of school and the beginning of adulthood. 

Let me step back to the year 2002 when I was a senior. Now, I am not the type that loved going to dances. As a matter of fact, I didn’t like them at all. I didn’t see the purpose of spending hundreds of dollars to go dancing. It just didn’t make sense to me and still doesn’t. I was supportive of my dates and went and got pictures made but I did not enjoy it. I would rather have spent 50 dollars and hung out in the woods and hunted somewhere than get on a dance floor. 

Then, you had the girls. Like most guys our age, we liked to see how the girls dressed up for prom. We didn’t care about immodesty. Sadly, growing up, I never remember one time that anyone talked to me about what immodesty was. We had great youth ministers and great ministers but immodesty was not something that I can recall being preached. 

The prom season brings out many immodest scenarios. All you have to do is scroll through facebook and see them. Girls, HIGH SCHOOL girls, showing extreme cleavage and dresses that have a slit almost all of the way up to their butt. They show their stomach area and proudly support a belly button ring that makes sure that it pulls the eyes of everyone down to that area. 

What is even more concerning is that those photos are attracting the eyes of the sexual predators. Not only that, they are learning what school the child goes to because of the posts. You also have those who struggle with lust that sees those pictures. Yes, just because your little girls is 17 does not mean that they can’t be a stumbling block to a 25-year-old who is battling the sin of lust (Romans 14:13-23). 

Now that I am older and a father of a beautiful little girl, I want to protect her. Not only protect her from the boys out there but to protect her from the devil. Modesty is important. I want my little girl’s husband to choose her based on her Christlike attitude, not because of how she looks. With my boys, I want them to choose their wives based on their relationship with Christ. 

So parents, while you are dressing your child up and looking at them in the mirror for their prom or formal date; remember, God is standing right beside you looking at them as well. Would he lean over to you and say that he approved of their attire? We are to please Christ, not the girl or guy next door. 

God is Good…


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