Being Thankful

How often do we let people know that we are thankful for what they do?

I have upgraded my website to the domain instead of my woodworking domain of For a few months, I have been just using that as my blog but I wanted to link it directly to the domain I already owned. So, I attempted to.  I am an IT guy and build websites but sometimes things in the background don’t run properly. They break. Even though I may be knowledgeable of websites, sometimes we have to reach out to someone smarter to help. After a few hours, the database guys at the hosting company did a little magic and restored my site. A corrupt database caused my whole issue. Nothing I did, just something that happens.

That got me thinking about being thankful. I am thankful that Rod, the database guy, was able to restore my site. Then, I was thinking about other people that do things behind the scenes that go unnoticed.

My wife… Ashley does so much for this family that is not noticed by anyone. The kids overlook it as well as myself. I simply don’t show her the appreciation for the small things that she does to keep our family intact. Groceries, cleaning. laundry, checkbook, church, and so much more. I thank God for her each night in my prayers and more but I never directly tell her.

Then, there are other people. If people didn’t do their jobs, we would not be able to enjoy the privileges that we have today. If the grocery employee didn’t stock the shelves, we would not be able to easily get groceries (or nowadays the guy or girl that grabs your clicklist!). Everywhere we go there are people behind the scenes. We need to be more thankful for them.

I thank God for everything He has given us. Without Him, we wouldn’t have families, kids, jobs, or anything else. We wouldn’t have that clicklist person around to get our groceries. God is the backbone of everything and to Him, I am very thankful. He has placed an amazing wife and three kids in my life that keep me on the right path. He has blessed me more than I can imagine.

So today, when you are about and about, thank someone for the job they are doing. Thank the cook for cooking your food, thank the mailman for bringing your mail, and thank others who are behind the scenes making your life more convenient. Most importantly, Thank God!!

God is Good..

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