Retreat With Jesus

It is finally Friday. It has certainly been a long week and I am thankful that it has come to an end.

Tonight starts the beginning of a weekend that I have been looking forward to since last year at this time. It is the BROTHERS Men’s Retreat. Approximately 50 men from around the area will come together to spend a weekend in worship, fellowship, and fun.

Last year, I attended the inaugural weekend of the BROTHERS retreat. I was a visitor at the Southern Hills church of Christ. At the retreat, approximately 50%  of the attendees were members of the Southern Hills congregation. During that weekend, I developed relationships with some of the guys that have grown over the past year. Spending that weekend helped me to see that they had the same goal that I had. They love God, they love their family, and they want to go to Heaven.

What is the purpose of retreats? When people attend retreats, they disconnect from the world and are able to completely focus on the topic of the retreat. If it is a health retreat, people focus on health. If its a retreat to learn more about a product you sell, people dedicate their attention to the product.

Then, you have spiritual retreats. During spiritual retreats, we leave the world behind and our attending is fully on Christ and how we can serve and grow closer to Him. These weekends are not just organized to hang out with great Christian people but to help develop life skills that can help you get you and your family to Heaven.

We should always retreat with Jesus. We should take time each day to fully devote our time to Him. As a family, maybe we all should take our own little mini-retreats a few times a year to help refocus the entire family on Christ. We do it as men; women do it as well, so why not do it as individual families.

Men, if you are looking to grow closer to Christ and also develop relationships with other men in the area, I encourage you to attend the BROTHERS Mens Retreat tonight thru Sunday. You can visit their website at

Women, do you want your man to grow closer to Christ and help become a stronger spiritual leader in your family. Encourage them to come as well.

God is Good…

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