More Time in Worship

How much time do we spend doing other things compared to the amount of time we spend in worship?

Last night, BJ Clarke was the keynote for the late-night session at the BROTHERS Men’s Retreat that we are at this weekend. He did an amazing job speaking on using our weapon. During this short time he spoke, he said something that stuck out to me. He is a big Captain America fan and has been since he was a young kid. That is not the part that stuck out to me. He went on to say mention how long the new movie is that came out a couple of weeks ago. Unaware of how long it is, I was shocked when he said it was a little over 3 hours. THREE HOURS! That is crazy. Apparently, a lot of people have watched the movie because it has set box office records.

I am going to piggyback off of a comment he said after talking about the length of the movie. Do we have our priorities in line when we go to a three-hour movie but complain that the preacher preaches over 10 minutes? Seriously, think about it… You know you have done it; I have done it, we all have done it. We get uptight and restless when a preacher preaches over their ‘allocated’ amount of time. But if the movie lasts 3 hours, we don’t bat an eye about that.

Our priorities need to be adjusted. We need to focus on growing closer to Christ any way we can. Spending more time in the Word helps us grow closer to Him. Our world is falling apart because we are moving our focus from Christ to the world. We spend more time doing worldly things than we do spreading God’s Word and worshipping Him.

Sunday, when you look down at your watch and realize that the preacher has reached the top of the hour preaching, remember that if it were a movie we would still be sitting anxiously waiting for the next scene. We need to be eager to hear His word and not eager to rush off from services.

God is Good…

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