Today, the BROTHERS Mens Retreat will come to an end for the 2019 year. We had three amazing keynote speakers. Eric Owens, BJ Clarke, and Freddie Klien. This morning at Southern Hills, some of the attendees will gather together and worship with the rest of the church family.

God is Good…All the time…

I end every one of my posts the same way. Each post I have posted over the past 264 days have ended with the simple quote: God is Good. I’m not just telling you that God is actually good but I am reminding myself that He is an awesome God.

God puts you into situations that are made to make you stronger and build your faith in Him. Yesterday morning, I heard one of the most touching and uplifting segments that I may have ever heard. This was the first time I had heard Freddie Klien speak and the story he told really touched my heart. He spoke on enduring hardships in life and even spoke of a hardship that he overcame years ago.

There are many people who are faced with hardships that we don’t even know about. Brothers and sisters in our local congregation have issues they are dealing with. Some may be too afraid to mention them to anyone. Sometimes shame and embarrassment play a role in them keeping silent. As a Christian family, we need to try to make others aware that we are here to help and we will do so without the negative judgment on them. If we truly care about that person’s soul, or anyone else’s, we will want to help them and not drive them further away from Christ.

Freddie went through some events in his life that would be very difficult to overcome. Do you know who he had to help him through his hardships? He had a small family of believers that loved him and wanted to make sure that his heart stayed with Christ. We need to be that family. We need to be taking people in who are struggling instead of pushing them away. Some are being driven out of local congregations and their souls are at risk of being lost forever because of the negative treatment they received from those who are to be Christlike.

Are you struggling? Is there a hardship in your life that you need a friend to help you through? I’m here to let you know that I am willing to help. My family is willing to help. We also have an amazing church family that wants to help you as well. The best part about the Lord’s church is that we are spread out across the world. You can be anywhere and we can find a person to be your mentor through your hardship.

Like I mentioned before, God is good. He has the ability to help you find the right people to comfort you. He sometimes places you through hardships, not to break you down, but to build your faith in Him so you will be a stronger child of God.

God is Good…

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