Studying for Eternity

The end of the school year is near. You are a senior and you have decided that you wanted to go to college. For months you have been trying to decide on what you major would be. The day comes, you have to register for college. There is a field on the registration that asks what you will be majoring in. This is important because it can determine your future and what you will be doing for the next four years.

You have decided that you want to major in accounting. For the next four years, you spend day and night studying. Due to the amount of work that this field requires, you have to study hours a night to make sure that you reach your goal of graduating with honors from college with an accounting degree.

Then, you graduate. You are excited because you have accomplished one of your goals but your professional dreams do not end there. You want to become a CPA. Day in and day out, you study. Studying over the past four years has already been a vital part of your life. For the next year, you study each night for a couple of hours to prepare yourself for the series of CPA exams. Study, study, study… Your life has been dedicated to studying for your career that way you can accomplish your goals.

When it comes to careers, many people will do anything to advance. They will go to training seminars and attend courses to get certifications to make their careers develop.

Why is it that people can spend thousands of dollars to advance their careers and spend hours and hours studying for their school and jobs but when it comes to their faith they tend to put studying aside?

Besides preachers, how often do you hear people say, “I am sorry, I can’t go to the movies with you tonight because I am studying the Bible tonight so I can grow closer to God”? It may be rare but it is not normal. We study for our earthly rewards but we don’t study as much for the only reward that matters, our eternal reward with Christ.

Why do you think that is? Honesty, I think that people don’t study as much because the quick gratification is not there. When we study for our jobs, we see a reward much quicker. When we study for our eternal destination, we don’t know our reward until we leave this earth.

John 8:32 tell us that we are to know the truth and the truth shall set us free. How are we expected to know the truth if we don’t spend time in the Bible, studying? Don’t you think that it is time to adjust our priorities? Instead of going to the movies with your friend, tell them that you have to spend time with God and study so you will know exactly how to get to your eternal destination.

Are you one who tends to put the Bible on the back burner? Do you spend hours and hours advancing your education for your job but you don’t spend five minutes a week studying the Bible for Christ? It is time to adjust. It is time that Christs comes first. We need to study and get to know Christ better so we will know how to get to heaven and also know how to bring others with us. If you struggle with the motivation to study the Bible, we would love to pray for you. We can help.

God is Good….

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