A Reason To Rejoice

Last night the boys had a baseball game. Like always, it is a fun and exciting but somewhat stressful time for many. Parents are in the bleachers watching the game with their phones out ready to capture their kid making a great play or hitting the ball really hard.

In the 5th inning last night, one of our boys got up to bat. He is a lefty and has a really good swing. All around, he’s a great ball player. He pitches, catches, and will play anywhere you put him. He loves the game. He got up to bat last night and during his last at-bat, he crushed the ball. The ball went over the infielders and past the outfielders all the way to the fence. From the time he hit the ball, he had a goal of getting home.

Now, for the best part of the at-bat. He rounded third and headed for home. When he crossed the plate, there was a roar of cheers from the stands but what was even more heartwarming was his teammates. He stepped on the plate and before he could get halfway to the dugout, the entire team was out to celebrate his inside-the-park home run. They were proud of him. Seeing his teammates congratulating him and cheering him on, put a big smile on his face.

When I think of celebrations, I think of the celebration the angles in heaven have when someone is baptized. Luke 15:10 shows us that the angels in heaven are joyful when a sinner repents.

Being baptized is the single most important event that one can complete. Mark 16:16 is pretty clear in stating that he who believes AND is baptized will be saved. That is not an OR but an AND. It’s important. So, when someone is baptized we should be like the baseball team and be the first to rush the new Christian and surround them with love. It is an exciting time, the most exciting time in one’s life.

I’ve talked to my children about the moment when they decide it is time to join God’s family. Since it is an event that is celebrated heavily by the angels in heaven, we want it to be a joyful experience as well. When they go into the water, they will come out as a new person. And when they come out of the water, they want to hear people rejoicing in song and praises to God. People will be singing just as the angels in heaven will be.

Have you been baptized? If not, what are you waiting for? We would love to have you be a part of God’s family. We will be there for you to rejoice when that time comes. If you don’t have a church home, we know a lot of great congregations that will be there for you and help you get to heaven.

God is Good…

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