Are you going to be locked out?

One thing that I don’t like happening is getting locked out of something. Whether it be my house, my truck, my phone, or my account to log in to work, I simply don’t like being locked out.

This morning, I was trying to log into my work account and could not get in. I tried and tried but I could not get my account to log me in. My first thought was ‘Great, I’m locked out and I’m going to have to call the helpdesk’. Yes, even IT people have to call the helpdesk to get help especially early morning and no one is a simple phone call away. Then, I thought, ‘Well, what if I am locked out because I am no longer employed?’. What if I was to have woke up today and my boss had decided that my job was terminated and I was no longer needed. Then I would be locked out of my company for good.

My thoughts started venturing as I waited on the phone to call our customer care center. I thought about other people being locked out of things which led me to think of being locked out of heaven. A story that comes to mind is the story of the ten virgins. During Jewish weddings, there were three phases of the wedding process. The engagement, the betrothal, and the marriage. Jesus mentions ten virgins because, during the Jewish wedding, there were usually ten lamps used in the bridal procession. During this story, it is believed that they were about to approach the wedding and they went out to get the bride. Five of the virgins were prepared and took their lanterns with oil and the other five did not take oil. There was a delay and they all fell asleep. Once the bride came, they all jumped up and the virgins that did not have oil begged to borrow some from the ones that did. There was simply not enough. The foolish virgins went to buy some and while they were out the bride came and the other five let with her.

Another side note in this passage is that the five foolish women did not have oil in their lanterns. The oil represents the Holy Spirit in this parable.

Now, the foolish virgins showed up later after getting their oil and the door was locked. They could not get in. They banged on the door and begged the Lord to open the door for them. He said, “I do not know you”.

The five foolish girls did not have the Holy Spirit so they were not allowed into to door. The five foolish girls did not have the Holy Spirit so they were denied.

Wow, what a stomp on the heart right? It is sad to think that millions would be impacted in this same way if Jesus was to come back right now. If Jesus was to make His descent from heaven and call us back right now, many would hear the words from Him saying ‘I do not know you’. Even if you had oil in your lantern at one time in your life, doesn’t mean you still have the oil in there now. Sometimes our oil can be filled to the top and sometimes it is bone dry. We need to make sure that we are filled with the Holy Spirit at all times, not just when we feel it is important so when the time comes, we will be able to enter the gates of heaven.

“John 10:9: I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.”

Are you running low on oil? Christ can refill it but it is up to you to do it before its too late. Don’t get locked out.

God is Good…

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