Do you need washed?

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning! God has blessed us with a great morning.

We recently have done something that we had never done before. For the past year or so, we have driven by this place often and never thought about taking advantage of it. Well, last week, we purchased a monthly car wash membership at one of those automatic carwashes that include the vacuum. We pulled up and saw that it was $15 for the car wash for each visit but right above it was the monthly option of only $30. Truly unlimited carwashes. It’s not like your cell data plan where they advertise unlimited but limit you on speed once you hit a certain limit. You can actually get as many in a day, week, or month as you can, no questions asked. So, we did it. We purchased the monthly plan.

Since we have purchased the monthly plan, we have washed our car about 5 times. Remind you, we purchased it on Tuesday. When we get a spot on the car, we drive it through the wash. We had some friends over Thursday that have kids. Rocky, or dog, needed food so I had to run and get some. Ady invited the little girl that was visiting to ride with us. Of course, that led to a trip to the car wash. Why? Just because we could!

Our spiritual life works the same way. A lot of us, when we were younger had not joined God’s family yet. We would drive by congregations and sometimes even go in and visit them to see what it was like. We would attend faithfully but we never had fully committed to being a part of the Lord’s church. We heard His Word, believed it, repented, confessed, and then, we ‘purchased’ our membership (baptized into Christ for the remission of our sins). Now, we are cleaned. It is like that first initial car wash after a long winter of not washing it. Baptism completely cleaned every spec of our life. No more dirt.

Then, throughout our days we tend to get a little dirt on us. Sin happens. But when we were baptized, we didn’t purchase a monthly car wash option. It wasn’t a one-time cleaning. We got the lifetime deal to where we could go to Christ at any time we needed and get our slate cleaned. It is a truly unlimited plan. We can go to God at any time of any day and He will listen to us, help us, and forgive us. The longer we go without going to Him, the more burdens we have on our life but God will still help erase every one of those if we just go to Him.

What is your life like? Does it have a little road grime on it? Or have you spent the past few months or years in a mud pit and now you are looking for someone to pull you out and clean you off? Christ is the answer. Through Jesus, your life can be cleansed of all sin no matter what it is. I encourage you to not wait before its too late.

God is Good…

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