Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. For many, it is a day that is full of joy as they get to join their mother for traditional events. For some, it is a day of sadness as they remember those mother’s who have passed on from this earth.

Most of us can come to an agreement that Mothers are awesome. They never stop working and never stop trying to take care of their family. My mom always worked hard to make sure we had everything we needed and more to survive. It’s something that we don’t recognize when we are young but as we get older we learn to appreciate all they did for us growing up.

Now, I am married and Ashley does the same thing. She works, with no pay, so the kids can be in school. She comes home and cooks cleans, and does so much more to keep our family strong. It is true what they say, a mother’s work is never done.

In the Bible, Peter’s mother-in-law was very ill. She had a sickness that took many lives in that time. Jesus knew that Peter’s mother was important to him and He healed her. What is even more amazing is that after Jesus healed her, she got up and began serving the visitors. Doesn’t that sound just like what a mother does? It sure does.

I hope everyone has a great day with your mother. If you don’t live near her, call her and talk for a bit. If you live within driving distance, surprise her. For those whose mothers have already left the earth, take time and share stories with your kids and grandkids of all the great things that your mother did for your family.

Have a great day!!

God is Good…

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