Hearing their pain…

As a parent, we have many things that we fear. We have things that we are afraid that may happen to ourselves, our spouse, and our kids. Coming from a parent’s perspective, we have a lot of things that we do not ever want our kids to experience. One of these things is a pain.

Parents never want their kids to experience any type of pain. Many of us, if not all, have heard the cry of a child in pain. Just imagine a beautiful summer day and you are outside grilling and having a great time. The kids are playing in the yard on their play gym with other friends. Suddenly, you hear a loud scream. It’s not like a normal scream that you hear when your child falls and scrapes their knee; its a scream that you know something is wrong. As a parent, your instincts cause you to run react and run as quickly to them as possible. You find out, your child has broken a bone in their arm and they are in severe pain. Immediately, you rush to the emergency room where they set the bone back, cast the arm and help ease the pain of your child.

Hearing a child in pain can be heartbreaking but there are many of us in pain every day. We are children of God who try our best to keep on the path that keeps us safe. The devil’s army attacks us and breaks us down emotionally, mentally, and physically. God knows that He has given us the ability to work our way out of troubling situations but He is still our Father. He waits patiently for us to call out to Him like our children call out to us when they are in pain. He does not like seeing us in pain and wants us to come to Him for healing. God is our Father and our physician and the only one that can heal us in all aspects of our life.

If you are broken and need someone to help you, God is always waiting for you to call to Him. Reach out to many of the other children of God and they can help guide you as well. God is waiting.

God is Good…


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