Getting Directions When Lost

Why can men be so stubborn when it comes to driving directions? Yes, I am a man and I am can be just as stubborn when it comes to getting from place to place. I have learned to rely on my Waze app but there are many guys that simply won’t do it. We’ve probably all heard the stories by wives saying that their husband will not stop and ask for directions when they are lost. The ‘pride’ steps in when it comes to guiding their family from one destination to another and they rely on their memory from glancing at a map before they hit the road.

Why is it so hard to simply just turn around? We can go down the same road, take the same turns, and end up in the same wrong destinations multiple times before we finally throw in the towel and turn around.

The way we live our life works the same way as the stubborn man driving in a direction he really doesn’t know where it leads. For years, we can be going down the wrong road and no one there to guide us. The more wrong turns we make, the further we get away from our real destination. Turn after turn, farther and father, and then we are so lost that we have difficulties admitting we are lost and getting help to turn our life around.

Are you one of those who have been taking wrong turns in your life and have found yourself far from where you should be? It is time to put Christ at the head of your life and He can help guide you back down the narrow path to be able to spend eternity with Him. He is waiting for you to call His name.

If you need any help, for any reason, please reach out to me. I can try to help you with whatever struggle you have and if I can’t help, I will help you find the person that can. Life is short, eternity is forever and I want to see you there.

God is Good…

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