When you establish a new service with a company, what is the first thing they make you do? For instance, you just moved to a new house and you are looking to purchase internet. You shop around and then you find the right one that you want. The first thing the company makes you do is to sign a contract.

People do not want to break the contract because they will have to pay money and a lot of times will no longer be able to establish services again with the company they breached the contract with.

Another form of a contract is a covenant. It is an agreement. God has made covenants throughout scriptures and never once strayed away from what he promises. God’s promises are still true today. He has promised us that we will have grace and peace and will be able to spend eternity with Him.

God’s covenants are true but they are contingent on our actions. We simply can’t live life doing what we want to do, when we want to do it, and expect to get the reward. God has promised us a life beyond this earthly life IF we follow his commands. We have to do our part and listen to what He has told us.

Are you holding up your end of the covenant of Christ? Are you choosing to live your life in sin? The best part of God’s covenant is that it can be renewed at any time. It is your job to renew it. He is a forgiving God.

God is Good…

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