Over the past year have you become more Christlike or less Christlike?

I would hope that over the past year everyone has worked to try to be more Christlike. God blesses us each day with the opportunity to love, serve, and help those who are in need. Honestly, a year ago I was not as close to God as I am now. I go to bed each night preparing a little article about different topics dealing with our God. Before then, I did not put much of an effort to grow closer to Him.

Being in the right place makes all of the difference in the world. We have attended congregations and while attending we get fully involved. But being involved doesn’t always help you grow closer to Christ. We’ve met and maintained some amazing friends at other congregations. We love them and see them quite often. What did it for me was the move to the current family at Southern Hills. This is a family that is deeply involved in all aspects of the church but also strive to grow outside of the church as well. They encourage us to always work to be more like Christ in every situation. I could go on and on about how much of a blessing everyone has been.

Over the past year have you grown closer to Christ?

It is Sunday. It is the time to go worship and praise God. If you don’t have a church family that you love seeing more than just Sundays, I encourage you to join ours for a few Sundays. There are activities that help the kids grow closer to Christ and closer to each other. You will be blessed. We can help you become more Christlike and grow closer to Him.

God is Good….

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