Days can be tough…

This morning I have thought a lot about losing a loved one. We are closing in on the one year mark of when tragedy struck our family on Memorial Day weekend. The unexpected death of a loved one can be treacherous for people to deal with especially if it is a child. Last night, through social media, we learned of the death of another child from our hometown. Although we do not know the family personally, we are deeply heartbroken for them.

When tragedies occur, it can put us back to where we were when something eventful happened in our life. For me, when we were faced with an unexpected death in the family, it made me think about being prepared for death. I’m not talking about financially for my family although we should consider that as well. It was my spiritual life. What we don’t realize is that any of us at any time can be taken away from the earth. One mistake by a driver on I65N in the morning on the way to work can cause us to leave the earthly home. How often do you think about it? If you are like me, you didn’t think a whole lot about it until something happened that opens your eyes.

For the past 280 days, I have been trying to keep my focus on my eternal destination. It has not only helped me but it has helped my family spiritually as well. Today is the day that if you are struggling with your faith and question your eternal destination, that you can repent and come back to Christ. Even if you are a faithful Christian and you still have any question, today is the day to reach back to Christ and give yourself the ease of mind knowing that you are on the right path.

Life is short. We aren’t promised tomorrow but we are promised eternity… It up to us to determine which eternal path we are going to go down.

God is Good…

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