A new beginning…

When we see celebrities on TV often times we think that they have it all. Last night when we got home from our friends’ house, Ashley cut all of our hair. We were up until about midnight just getting haircuts. I got online about 1AM and was browsing sports pages. Thinking of my hair and sports, I thought of Andre Agassi and his mullet he had back in the day. I really don’t know much about him or his hair but I do remember when he had the long hair and also when he came back bald. I was shocked at some of the other findings.

Andre Agassi was one of the most popular tennis players of all time, especially male tennis players. His signature hair was recognized anywhere. Little did I know that the mullet was fake the entire time. You see, Agassi lost his hair at an early age and he was embarrassed by his balding. So, he hid it with a wig. There are many things Agassi hid in his life. Who would have thought that he really didn’t like tennis?! That seems crazy for a tennis star not to like the sport that they dominate. Then, another interesting fact of his life was mentioned. Agassi was a drug user. I’m not talking about marijuana or cocaine but he used meth. That shocking to me because someone who was in the eyes of the world still struggled with the same addictions that other people do.

Andre Agassi knew that his life was not the way he wanted it to be. He wanted a new beginning. What did he do to start his new beginning? He got rid of the one thing that defined him as a person. He ditched the wig and revealed his true identity. Along with his new identity, he changed as a person. He started a new beginning because he knew that the way he was living was not the way he needed to live. His new beginning began by changing his image.

Many of us are stuck in tough situations. It may be some sort of addiction or something else but we all go through times of our life where we seem to get further and further away from the way we should be going. We no longer have Christ as our number one. LIke Agassi, there is a time where we have had enough and realize we need to wake up and change our life around.

The best thing about being a member of God’s family is that we can change at any time. You can repent of the sins are you living in and reorganize your life to put Christ first again. Start living your life for God and eternity will be your reward.

Do you need a new beginning? Remove your wig. Turn your life around now. If you need prayers, please let us know and we will pray for you. If you need a family to help you out and encourage you, please let us know as well so we can be that family for you. Don’t wait until its too late.

God is Good…

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