Last night we enjoyed two hours of singing beside the campfire at our friends’ house. Often they invite people over to light a fire and sing and enjoy coffee and deserts. We had a few friends come by but what impressed me the most was those who drove over an hour to relax with total strangers and sing praises to God. We had a family drive from Lynchburg to fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ. Isn’t that what it is all about? We met great people who share the same passion as we do. There was another family, who we had met before, that drove an hour as well to enjoy the same thing. We also had one of our friends invite a co-worker who we didn’t know. It was fun getting to know all of these new people.

What brought these people together with us? A simple invite. Putting a ‘bug in someone’s ear’ is all it took to get them to come. One shared it on facebook and that share connected with a family two hours down the road. Another shared it with their church family and that family drove an hour to come. The other shared it at work and brought a coworker with her.

One simple invite…

It doesn’t take much to invite someone to events that can bring people closer to Christ. Whether it is a bonfire singing, worship on Sunday or Wednesday, or other events such as VBS. All it takes is a simple, “Hey would you want to come with us?”. You never know who may be waiting for the invite to attend an event.

If you are on facebook, share the event. I don’t mean just click SHARE. I mean actually invite the people through the event that is listed on Facebook. If you click SHARE, that doesn’t guarantee that your friends will see it. If you actually invite them, they will get a notification that you invited them.

Let’s challenge each other to invite one person to church or an event that is occurring at your church.

God is good…

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