Workout partner…

I am out of shape, like seriously out of shape. I wish that I had the motivation to get into a daily workout routine. I don’t sit around on the couch but I don’t make an effort to actually work out. It is sad but I don’t have the motivation to do it. The more I have sat here over the past year, the more weight that I gain.

Some of my nonmotivation comes due to the fact that I have gout. When I have flare ups I think about getting in shape more because I need to control my food intake and get my body better to avoid these painful episodes. But, I choose not to. I choose to not work to lose weight. The longer I delay it, the worse my body gets and the harder it will be to recover when I actually do start.

Spiritually speaking, I was at the same point in my life a few years ago. I was not motivated to attend church services. I was not the first one to volunteer to do things. I was not one to hang out with others from the church either. The list could go on and on. Then, the longer that I delayed my involvement with Christ, the harder it was for me to get back to where I needed to be to help guide my family to Heaven.

When you find the right workout partner to motivate you, you get back on track quickly. You start losing weight and you feel better and better all of the time. In our Christian walk, the same plays out. If we find a Christian family who understands what you are going through and are willing to just sit down and talk to you, then the transformation back to Christ will be much easier.

We have some amazing friends that we have met and maintained over the years. These people would do anything for you at any moment. But one thing that is important is that they care just as much about our souls than they do theirs. That is the love that is mentioned in John 15:12 and other verses throughout the Bible. Our friends not only want to go the Heaven but they want us to go with them. Now, that is the perfect spiritual ‘workout’ partner.

Do you have a workout partner that keeps you on the right workout plan with Christ? If not, we would love to try to fill that void for you. Our friends have done it for us and we will help you as well.

God is good…

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