Who likes socks? A better question is who likes to wash socks? Then, after you wash the socks you are required to go on a very challenging hunt for the matching pair. If you wash 10 pairs of socks, often times you are lucky to get 6 pairs out of the laundry. You are then forced to find the other socks to have a full set. You search everywhere and even come very close to dismantling the dryer to see if it happen to eat the other one.

If you are like us and it was affordable, you wouldn’t mind putting on a new pair of socks every day and then at the end of the day just tossing them in the trash. Or, would there happen to be a dollar sock club like there is the dollar shave club? Maybe pay $10 a month to get unlimited socks delivered to your door?! How amazing would that be? You would never have to worry about finding the match and you would get to put on a new pair every day.

Let’s face it, we all hate having that one missing sock in the pair. We will eventually tear the house apart looking for it or just throw the other one away.

When it comes to our Christian life, there are many lost socks in the world. These people are out there lost in the world waiting for someone to come along and rescue them. They were once part of a loving family but since then have been hung out to dry and eventually lost where they came from. As Christians, we should be actively looking for that lost soul. Trying to find the best possible way to get them back together with their Christian family where they belong.

The lost sock will not find its way back on its own. Some of the lost souls that we see each day will not find their way back on their own as well because the devil has brainwashed them enough to believe that sin is okay. Living in sin is never okay and we need to try to help those who are choosing that sinful lifestyle. Find that lost sock and get it back with their mate.

Are you the lost sock looking for your way back to your family? We can help guide you in the direction you need. Simply reach out and let us help you!

God is Good…


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