Trash Day

What a beautiful morning it is this morning! It is Thursday and in our neighborhood, it is trash day. Each week we get to pile all of our trash at the road and the waste company comes and gets it all for us. As I sit here this morning, I watch people take their garbage cans to the road to get rid of stuff that they consider trash.

Some people just have regular household trash that fills their cans while others appear to have gone through their house and decluttered to get finally let go of some things they needed to. That is the good thing about trash, once you place it on the side of the road and the company comes and gets it, it is gone for good. You never see it again.

Our life works the same way as the trash that we throw away each week and never see again. Each one of us has things in the past that we were not proud of. A lot of us currently still have things that we do not really care to have as well. Some things are minor and some are major but they just pile up. They pile up so much on our life that there is not any room for anything else. That is when it is time to take the trash out. We have to empty our spiritual trash just as often as we do our earthly trash. Things block our spiritual walk because we let them pile up.

Has it been a while since you have emptied your spiritual trash? Have you ever emptied it? Christ doesn’t run on a trash schedule like the local trash companies. You don’t have to wait until Sunday or another special service to empty your spiritual trash. God is always waiting patiently for you. Let Him clean your body from the trash that has piled up that could be preventing you from having eternal life with Him.

The choice is yours. Don’t wait until its too late.

God is Good…

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