It’s been a dozen…

When I was younger, I sometimes thought about the woman that I would eventually marry. As the years passed by, I had never found that one girl that I knew I would be spending the rest of my life with. Then one random night one of my friends asked me to get out with her and another friend of hers. I was hesitant but I did. That was the last night that I would ever wonder about finding the girl I would spend my life with. After just a couple of dates, I had a feeling that she would be the one that I wanted to grow old with.

What is crazy is that she was right in front of me my entire life and I never knew it. Ashley and I grew up together. We went to the same school together our entire lives. Starting from the same kindergarten class, Mrs. Greene’s class at the old Jenny Bell school in Dyersburg, until we graduated high school. When we were in high school, Ashley started attending our church. We were well aware that we both existed but never once had the thought of dating each other.

But God had other plans…

God knows what is best for us. He knew the exact moment that He needs to place people in your life. Spiritually, I was at my lowest point that I have ever been in my life. I didn’t attend church services much and I sure wasn’t helping spread God’s Word. My comfort spot was a local bar that I frequented to unwind a lot of nights. I turned to the world instead of God when I needed things.

Then, God stepped in. He decided it was time that I grew up and became a man. A simple call from our friend Victoria set up the date with Ashley that started the next chapter of my life. God saved me by placing Ashley in my life.

Today is a special day because we took a covenant before God to leave our mother and father and cleave to one another, putting no one but God himself before each other. We are one flesh.

Today, I honor the marriage that God has given us. He knew that we needed each other and He made it happen.

We have our days that are tough but 1 Corinthians 13:4 reminds us that love is patient and kind.

God has blessed me with an amazing wife who is an encouragement to me and to others. When I was down, He sent her to me. She has blessed me with 3 souls that love Christ more than anything. My family is complete because of God.

Its been a dozen years of marriage. There have been ups and downs but we have been faithful to Christ and each other so God has taken care of us. The next dozen years, I plan on strengthening and maintaining with Christ so my marriage will be as He has designed it to be.

I love you, Ashley. I hope that the rest of our life together is blessed more than the first dozen years have been.

God is Good…

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