Longing to see them again

It is nice to have a break from your kids every now and again. For the past few days, we have been without kids because they are at camp. That atmosphere is different when they are not around. We miss them a lot and we cannot wait to see them this weekend when we pick them up.

The past couple of nights has been a somewhat emotional night because we are not used to our kids being away from us. We know that in just a few short nights, they will be back with us again.

Then, our thoughts go to those who long to see their children again. Something tragic or disease has taken them away from their earthly family. It is hard for us to imagine what the parents of these little ones go through when something unexpected interrupts their lifestyle and forever alters it. Our kids are only gone for a few nights and we are missing them but some parents will not have the opportunity again, on earth, to see theirs. Our hearts hurt for them.

What is great about God is that He gives us the opportunity to see those who have passed from the earth once again. Unfortunately for us, the path to eternal life is not as easy as it is for those children who are taken early in life. We have to follow God’s commandments, spread His word, and live a Christlike life so we can have the opportunity for life with Him after we leave the earth.

The reunion in Heaven will be far greater than anything we have ever experienced here on earth. It will be a joyful event and an event that we do not want to miss.

Do you have a loved one that has already left their temporary home to be with God? Are you uncertain if you are living a life that will get you to the same reward that they have received? If you have any question that you may or may not see your loved ones in Heaven, it is time to straighten all the questions out now. Get your life right with God. No matter what you have done in your past, He will forgive you and give you the opportunity to have a mansion in Heaven as well.

The choice is yours. God gives you a choice. I know that I cannot wait to see those in Heaven when the time comes and God calls me home.

God is Good…

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