Keeping your eye on the ball

In sports, there are many techniques that you must follow to be successful. Each one of them takes practice in order to know how to follow out the correct way to master the sport. One of the techniques is that you have to keep your eye on the ball.

In golf, you can’t hit a golf ball if you are not looking at it when you are swinging. Well, I guess you could but it will not likely go where you intend.

When playing football, the receiver has to keep his eye on the ball if he wants to catch it.

The same in baseball; when you are hitting, you must keep your eye on the ball or you will strike out more often than not.

To be successful in all three of those sports, it requires keeping your eye on the ball. The ball is the target so keeping your eye on the target will help you be successful.

Our spiritual life is the same way as the sports above. We must keep our eye on Christ or we will not be successful in our mission to spend eternity with Him. There are many of us who show up to services when the doors are opened. Our eyes are on the target during worship and we are fired up for Christ. But then, when we step out of the door, life throws a curveball and our eyes lose focus on the target and we strike out. Our focus was distracted and we lost.

Keeping our eyes on Christ will help us keep on the right path to eternal life. There are many things that can cause us to lose focus. The devil is out to try his best to distract our eyes from Christ.

If you are one of those who have not had your eye on the target, it is time to get your life back straight with Christ. He is a forgiving God so if you are living in Sin, you can still repent.

Do you want to keep your eye on the ball and live forever with Christ?

God is Good…

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