How Far is Too Far?

How far is too far? How much can you do and get away with it? What all can you do and still call yourself a Christian?

Why do Christians constantly push the limits? Members of the church know what is right and what is wrong but still, seem to tread as close to the wrong side as possible. Instead of staying away from sin, they want to get as close to it as possible without actually ‘committing the sin’.

We tend to let some things slip through the cracks like its not a big deal or its not a sin but then other things we take to the top if we believe that it is wrong. Over the past few months, I have really paid attention to things that happen. I do this because my kids are getting to the age that they notice things. We have two boys that are quickly approaching puberty age and they will be ‘noticing’ girls soon. Then, we have a little princess who we want to make sure that she doesn’t get ‘noticed’ for all the wrong reasons. I want our kids to be noticed because they are children of God. I don’t want our little girl to be noticed because she has tiny shorts on which attracts the eyes of the boys.

So why do we let things like that slip through the cracks? How come we don’t take modesty seriously? This goes beyond modesty. It goes to drinking, gambling, and many other sins. It is like these parents are letting their kids play as close to the cliff as possible without falling off.

The church of Corinth struggled with their new knowledge of sin. They questioned Paul on what they could do and still get away with and still call themselves Christians. They wanted to know how far they could go and get away with sin. Paul quickly informed them that they needed to seek the good of others.

Christians, in all situations in life, should look at how they can help others or what they can do to improve their relationship with Christ. Parents are afraid that their kids will lose the ‘popularity’ vote if they don’t participate in certain things. In turn, they let them get away with little things and teach them it is okay to partially commit a sin.

It is time to stand up and try to put an end to things that can negatively impact our children. Whether it be participating in an inappropriate dance, inappropriate production, or other events that don’t bring them closer to Christ; we need to take a stand and stop it.

Let me end with one simple question…  Would you rather your children lose the popular vote with the kids they are around? or would you rather them lose the popular vote with Christ?

God is Good…

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