Who likes being sick? I don’t think I have ever heard someone say that they love being sick. There are times that we may wish we were not feeling well so we could miss work or at least have a reason not to attend events. In the overall aspect of life, we do not like to be sick.

Working in healthcare, when we visit hospitals, we are around a lot of people who are sick. Some are in because they have broken bones and some are admitted because of other serious issues. Often times the people who are really sick are kept in a quarantine area. They are kept there because they are highly contagious and whatever sickness they have is easily spread around. Doctors and nurses do not want the sickness to spread to others in the hospital.

There are other sicknesses that are highly contagious such as the flu and strep throat. These are contagious before the symptoms occur and with medications, can be managed. It is never good to be sick with something that can spread to others.

Although being contagious is a very bad thing when you are speaking of illnesses but there are times when being contagious is a great thing.

What about when we spread our love for Christ? Have you ever noticed when someone is extremely happy that others around them tend to be happy as well? Showing our love for Christ can be contagious as well.

Personally, when I am around people who love the Lord and show it in their everyday actions, it causes me to be more outgoing in my love for Christ as well. Many of us have attended congregations that the people do not seem to be too excited that they are at worship. What does that do to the overall morale of the congregation? Typically, it is somewhat dull.

Then, you visit or you may be a member of a congregation that consistently shows their love for the Lord and you can tell it in the way they worship. This is the congregation that is growing because their love for spreading God’s Word is contagious.

Colossians 3:16 tell us to let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

What is your attitude like? Are you the one who walks around with a dull attitude towards your spiritual relationship with Christ? Can people even tell that you are a Christian?

Are you the one who constantly lets your light shine brightly. Your light attracts others to question why you are so happy and motivated. This leads to you sharing your love for Christ with them and bringing them closer to Him as well.

Being contagious for Christ is a great thing. Keep spreading His word and letting people know what He has done for you.

If you are struggling and sin has dampened your spiritual life, there are many of God’s children who can help get you back on the right path so you can spend eternal life with Him. It is your choice and there is no better time than now to repent and come back to Him.

God is Good…

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