Whats on your marquee?

One thing that you notice when you drive down the road are signs. There are signs everywhere and each one of them have a different style message on them. Around our area, there are businesses that have catchy humorous phrases to try to attract customers into their business. Some churches even have attention-grabbing slogans to help try to bring people into their building.

The purpose of these signs, or marquees, are to attract customers and show them something interesting that the store may have. Some advertise sales and specials. The marquee is meant to be noticeable to everyone that goes by.

How often do you think about what other people see in you when they pass you? Do you think of what other people may think of you when they see you? I know, you are probably thinking that you really don’t care what people think of you. But, you really should.

Christians should care about what people think about the way they are. Let’s take a look at what the Bible tells us. Ephesians 5:8 lets us know that we are now the light of the Lord and we are to walk as children of light. If we don’t care about what people think of us, then we won’t care if they see Jesus shining through us. 

We need to represent Christ at all times. Our personal marquee should always show a positive, uplifting, and Christlike message. When people walk by us, they should be able to tell that we are followers of Christ. If someone comes to our house, they should be able to tell that we love the Lord.

Today, while you are out and about, take a moment to rearrange your message that you are displaying. Be the light of the Lord. Shine bright.

If you are having trouble with the way you represent Christ, we would love to help you. There are a lot of brothers and sister in Christ who want to help. We are here for you and ready to pray for you or with you to help you come closer to God.

God is Good…

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