Winning isn’t everything.. Or is it?

Life is a competition.

Last night was the championship game for our boys’ little league tournament. Their team fought hard during the past week of tournament games to make it all the way to the championship. There were two upset that they completed to make it all the way to the end. The game started and both teams played very hard to win the game. In the end, the other team won. We took second place in the tournament.

The boys seemed to be upset. On our way home, we talked about losing. Losing the game last night didn’t really matter. They played a hard season, they grew closer as a team, and also improved their skills a lot. They practiced and practice and now they are equipped for the next season that will come up. Losing is a part of life but we need to teach our kids that we need to try our hardest to win in all situations.

Life is a competition as well but it is one that we do not need to lose. Losing this game will matter because you will not have a very promising reward in the afterlife.

As Christians, we face opponents every day that try to bring us down. They try to recruit us to their team so we can work with them to bring others down as well. The devil has people all over the world that are ready to end our relationship with Christ. They are trying to beat all Christians.

We need to step up and train our young men and women on how to beat the devil. Practice often with the tools we are given. The more we practice the more our skills will improve and we will be able to knock out the devil’s army when they come to try to take us out. We will grow closer to our Christian family and become a strong force that will be hard to destroy.

Winning isn’t everything but it is everything when it comes to beating the devil.

Are you prepared to take down the enemy? Or are you one who doesn’t take the fight too seriously and are cruising through life? That is exactly what the devil wants you to do. It is time that we start taking our walk with the Lord serious so we all can be in heaven together in the end.

God is Good…

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