Predicting the Future

Wouldn’t it be great if we could predict the future?

Seriously! It would be great if we could predict exactly what will happen at any time. Even with all of the proper tools, we cannot predict anything with 100% accuracy. Just ask all of our meteorologist friends.

Just think, if you are planning a long trip around the country and you knew exactly what things would happen. You could prepare for the flat tire that you are going to have 200 miles into the trip. You could prepare for your child getting sick 3 hours down the road. You could prepare for anything that you would need to because you would already know what you will be dealt with.

Sporting events would be taken to a whole new level with your friends if you already knew who would win. Of course, some of the fun would be ruined because of you already knowing.

What if you could predict your health? If you knew that you were going to be sick next Thursday. Or, if you knew that your friend would be sent to the hospital tomorrow because of an emergency complication. Wouldn’t that make being hospitable a little easier?

Unfortunately, we can’t predict anything of that with 100% accuracy and most things we couldn’t predict with 1% accuracy.

If you could predict the day you die, how would you change your life? Would you make better choices? Would you keep making the same choices? Is your relationship with Christ at the level it needs to be to get to heaven?

We can’t predict when we are going to get sick, when we may be in an accident, or even when we will die. What we can do is work to live life like we know that the end is near.

Scriptures let us know that no one knows the time (1 Thessalonians 5:2). There have been many people claim to know when but they all have been wrong.

If you are one who would make a lot of changes if you knew your last day was soon, then I encourage you to go ahead and make that change now. Why try to wait until you get sick? What if your life was taken in a car wreck today, would you be too late? Make that change now.

God is Good…

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