What type of person are you?

Often times, when I hear something that catches my attention I like to share it. Last night, we attended the final night of a vacation Bible school. The speaker for the night was the same one that had spoken the past few nights and had already brought out some important questions about life itself. I had shared those with you a few days ago.

Last night’s discussion was called “FInding the mind of Christ”. It was focused on the idea of how Jesus would think in certain situations. Below are a couple of questions that I found that are good ways to look at ourselves when we are faced in situations.

What kind of person are you?

When you walk into a room, are you the type of person who enters and immediately looks around to see who sees you and has the attitude of “I am here”…


When you walk into a room, are you the type of person who enters and immediately looks around to see who all is there and has the attitude of “There you are”…

Do we put others before ourselves? The first person elevates themselves above all others that is why he looks to see who notices himself first. The other person looks to see who he can go to first and puts them above himself.

Jesus was the same way as the second person. He had shown us what it is like to be truly Christlike in every situation. He did nothing out of conceit but did it out of love for others.

Epaphroditus, in Phil 2:25, gave us the same example when he was on his death bed and was upset because people were worried about him instead of taking care of themselves.

Do you worry about others more than yourself? I know this is something that I need to work on myself. I need to be more hospitable and help others when they are in need. That is what being Christlike is all about.

I challenge myself and you today try to reach out and help someone who is in need. Whether it is your neighbor, coworker, or someone you see on the streets; just help them.

God is Good…

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