Vacation From Christianity

It is summertime and one thing that many people do when this time of year comes is to go on vacation. This is a popular time of year because kids are out of school. We love taking a break from the real world and just relaxing with the family and doing things that are stressfree and fun. A few moments away from work, away from bills, away from anything on earth that causes us to have a slight bit of worry can be refreshing and recharging to us.

I don’t think I have ever met anyone that said that they do not like going on vacation. If you are one of those that don’t like vacations, I am sorry and we will keep you in our prayers!

Our go-to stop is Gatlinburg. The memories we make on vacation are priceless. Last night, we came home from walking the strip and was greeted by a bear at our hotel. It was a pretty good sized bear and it was looking for some food to eat. It hung around until the police ran it off. That was the first time we had seen a bear that close and it was a memory we will keep forever.

Vacations are fun! We can get a vacation from our jobs and everything else but there is one thing that we do not get a vacation from.

No matter how much you may want to, we do not get a break from our relationship with Christ and our purpose here on this earth. There are many people who go on vacation and completely take a break from God. They do things that they would not normally do if they were in the presence of other Christians.

When people go on vacations they stop praying and a lot of times if they are gone during worship times, they do not attend another worship service close to them.

God never takes a vacation. Even if we are on vacation and enjoying ourselves on the beach or in the mountains, God is still at work. This year, when you are making your plans for vacation and you are going to be gone from your home congregations, plan your trip around where you will attend worship as well. There is a great facebook group that helps you find true biblically sound congregations in areas that you will be going.

Don’t take a vacation from Christ. We are to continue to show His love and spread His word.

God is good…

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