What’s that smell?

Have you ever been to a place that did not smell great?

When we first arrived in Gatlinburg, we got checked in our hotel and went on up to our hotel rooms. We had two room since we had eight people and needed room for everyone to be able to relax and get ready in. When we entered one of the hotel rooms, it was very clean but it had an odor present in the room. This room was a newly rebuilt room but still had a smell. We tried to figure it out but didn’t until after the people next door left and found that the strong odor was coming from their room.

Have you ever stayed in a place that had a distinctive smell to it but after a while you don’t realize it is still there? You adjust your senses to the smell and you no longer know it exists. People can come into the room and smell the same smell you initially had but even though they smell it, you don’t.

Our spiritual life can be the same way as a musty hotel room. Even if we are a newly rebuilt Christian, someone can cause it to ‘smell’. Sin creeps into our life and it slowly starts to take over. Once it is there, we may not even realize what we are doing is unBiblical. We just keep on going about our day, doing what we are doing and never look back. Our friends and family see it but because we have adjusted our life to it, we don’t see it any longer (or it doesn’t bother us).

There are many of us that have experienced the above or are currently experiencing it. If you are one of those who have and are currently living a life of sin, the great news is that God will forgive you. Your friends and family have pointed out there is a problem and now it is up to you to find the resolution to the problem. You must repent and come back to Him.

If you need prayers, let us know. We will pray for you.

God is good…

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