Where are they?

Today is Sunday! Another day to get together and worship with our Christian family.

When you are sitting in your place of worship with your church family, do you ever take a moment to look around and see who all is there? Do you look around to see who all may not be there?

There are times that you may not see someone at services for a while. You check the bulletin and see that they are not on the sick list. What do you usually do? Do you reach out to them and see if they are sick? Maybe you send them a text message stating that you missed them and are thinking of them.

A lot of times, people do nothing. It is sad to admit but it is the truth. There have been people that were absent from services and events and no one ever even reaches out to them. There are hundreds and sometimes thousands of people that are members of the congregation and no one reaches out to them. Sadly, those people end up leaving and not returning. Some may even quit worshipping all together.

Today is Sunday. It is about 6:30AM. Many churches start about 9AM. Some start at 8AM so that still gives you plenty of time. Go ahead, think of that one person who you have not seen. Shoot them a text message right now. If they are asleep, they will see the message when they get up. Send them a message and let them know that you miss them and you would like to see them soon.

Have an amazing Sunday. If you want to join our congregation’s Vacation Bible School tonight, it begins at 5PM at the Southern Hills church of Christ building.

God is Good…

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