Going Nowhere…

Have you ever been to the point where it feels like you are going nowhere? The things you are involved in are not moving forward or at least you can’t tell it is?

Sometimes we reach moments in our life that we like we have hit a roadblock. Things have slowed down and feel like nothing is moving. These moments lead to discouragement.

What causes us to be discouraged? When we are expecting things to go one way and in reality, it is going a totally different direction or not going at all. There is a gap between what you are experiencing and what is expected. Discouragement can kill your drive for what you are trying to accomplish.

I have to admit that there are many moments in my life that have led to discouragement. Things that happen (or in a lot of cases don’t happen) cause me to wonder if what I am doing is the right thing for my family. Sometimes these moments happen at home, work activities, or even church. I get so bummed out with the progress of things that I question if I am making the right decisions for my family.

Psalms 24:7 tells us to wait for the LORD, be strong and wait on HIM.

Sometimes that can be tough, can’t it? How long are we suppose to wait? Six months, a year, five years?

When we are discouraged, we can think of the story of Jonah. He wanted to just turn and run. He thought it would be best to just run and hide. Sometimes when we are discouraged, we want to run. With Jonah, we learned that true happiness can be found only by doing what God has instructed.

Let God direct your path. If you are discouraged with your spiritual life, go to Him in prayer and ask Him to help you. God has a plan for us and we have to trust Him. Don’t run but put your faith in God that you are on the right track. If you aren’t, you will know it but you must give Him the chance to show you where you need to be.

God is Good..

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