Losing Weight…

The day had finally come. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago because of issues with gout. Typically, the first thing that you do when you visit a doctors office is to sit and wait. Luckily, this time I did not have to wait very long and as I entered the door to the back area I was asked to step on a scale. When I stepped on the scale, I saw numbers that I did not want to see. I was the largest weight that I have ever been in my life. That number stuck in my head over the next week and a half. We had a vacation that week and no one likes making changes before a vacation. Ashley and I decided that once we were back from vacation it was time for a change. We needed to be healthy for our kids.

July 1, I stepped on my home scale. The same number at the doctor’s office showed up on the little screen on the scale. Today is July 9th. I am proud to say with healthy eating, smaller amounts when eating, and exercise, I have lost 11.4lbs. The motivation to lose weight continues and I look forward to working my way down to my goal quickly.

Our spiritual life works the same as our physical life. We can have so much negative weight in our spiritual life that it can be very difficult to lose. It piles on us so quickly that we don’t even realize it. Then, suddenly one day you are faced with reality. You walk with Christ is anchored down because of the excess mess that has piled up in your life. It is time to lose it.

With Christ, you can lose your additional weight very quickly. Repenting of those sins can be instantly forgiven if you truly want repentance. God will erase them immediately. Then, the hard part is for you to continue to live your new healthy lifestyle without letting the old clutter back in your life.

I made a spiritual change almost a year ago. I wanted to try to impact at least one person’s life through daily thoughts. I wanted people to know that God is amazing and can cure anyone of their past just like He has mine. He removed the weight I was dragging around and He can remove yours.

Are you overweight with worldly sin?

Let God help. Give it all to Him.

God is Good…

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