Are you being fed?

Who loves to eat? Ok, that is probably a crazy question since most people love to eat. For us, it is Mexican; specifically Chuy’s Tex-Mex but we could go for any Mexican style food at pretty much anytime. Being an adult is great because you can choose what you get to eat! As a kid, we all had to go where our parents wanted us to go and didn’t have much say in it at all. Now that we are grown up, we get to eat whenever and whatever we want! It just comes naturally for us and we do it without any thought at all.

Now, imagine yourself without the ability to eat much food. Put yourselves in the shoes of those who go days and days without a single bite of food. Believe it or not, there are places all over the world that people are starving for just one bite of food. When the time comes for these people to eat, they are filled with excitement because they don’t know when the next time they will eat will be.

We take our spiritual life for granted at times. We have the privilege to worship when we want to, where we want to, and how we want to (as long as it is scriptural). We can wake up on Sunday morning and choose to go to our home congregation. If we want, we can choose to go visit with our friends at another congregation. We have the ability to choose when and where we go.

What is sad is because we have the ability to worship freely, we sometimes don’t worship with the heart that we should. Some days we can be on fire during worship while other days we just go and fill a spot in the pew. Our hearts aren’t in it.

Take that step back into the countries who are starving for food. There are also countries who are starving to hear God’s Word. When evangelists and others on mission trips come to their town, they are ecstatic. They flock to those who come to preach the word. The towns may be small but people come to hear what God’s Word says. Even in our own country, there are towns that are poor and people don’t get to attend worship. Children ride refurbished bikes, miles and miles, to hear a simple sermon at a small congregation. These people are on fire to hear the Word because they don’t have the ability to worship freely and as often as we do.

We need to take a step back and analyze our worship habits. We could learn a lot from those in other countries that a starving for the word and not being spiritually fed as often as they wish. Spiritually, we need to be like them. Be enthusiastic about what the Lord has done for us. Be excited to spread the Word of God.

God is Good…

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