Yesterday, I went and played golf with three friends of mine. It is the first time that I had played since last year’s Tennessee Children’s Home golf tournament. Growing up, I was a decent golfer. I knew how to play and could hang with a lot of people. Today, I totally embarrassed myself. I can blame it on my sore back that I have but I could have still done better. I had a horrible hook that I never have had in the past and really have no clue where it came from. The ball had so much spin on it that I couldn’t keep it straight. It was very sad.

My skills need to be sharpened. Going so long without playing the game, I was very rusty. If you want to be good at something, you certainly need to practice doing it so you can be on your game at all times.

Our spiritual walk needs the same thing. The longer you go without following Christ, the harder your walk will be when you try to change. Imagine going to worship once a year and just living normally for the rest of the year and not trying to be Christlike. When you do decide to change your walk with Him, it will be hard to maintain and keep focused. You can do it, it will just take more work than someone who already does as He commands.

The best part about being rusty with your spiritual life is that you can have a lot of ‘coaches’ help you and it doesn’t cost a thing. You just have to change your routine and commit to walking with Him daily. Repent of the sins you may have and tell Him that you will have Him your number one priority. You will no longer be rusty in your Christianity.

There are a lot of brothers and sister in Christ that want you to be part of the family. Reach out and we will help!

God is good…

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