Crazy Weather

This time of year the weather is crazy. You never know what it is going to do at any given time. The past few days, we have had rain chances every day but in Spring Hill, at least at our house, we have not had any rain at all. Yesterday, I left work and headed home. I got to Cool Springs and it was raining so hard that it was hard to see. Traffic slowed down to about 25 miles per hour while we were going through the storm. It was a real scattered thunderstorm.

By the time I got to the I-840 exit, the rain had stopped, the roads were dry, and the sun was shining brighter than ever. Now that is a quick change. The weather in one spot was raining extremely hard but just a couple of miles down the road, it had not rained at all. We never know when the weather will change and what will happen next.

Just like the weather, we never know what will happen next in our life. We may land a new job or get laid off. You may be completely healthy one minute and the next minute you find out that you are sick and will need medications to get better. The changes in life can be positive or they can be negative.

We must be prepared for all the changes in our life. God can help guide you through all of the changes that you experience. If you are one who just found out that you have health issues and will have to undergo treatments to knock it out, let God be your comforter. You can always talk to Him. Pray that God will allow those working on you to have patience and knowledge to help your disease.

None of us know the changes that are coming but God does and He is always prepared to help you out. If you are needing people to help you while you are dealing with whatever challenge has been placed in your way, there are a lot of brothers and sister in Christ that love to help. Don’t keep things to yourself, open up and share your concerns.

Don’t let a sudden change in your life impact your eternal destination. None of us know when the time is up here on Earth so we must be prepared for those type of changes. We want to spend eternity in Heaven so we must be prepared.

God is Good…

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