Too Busy…

Today, we are on our way to a weekend mission trip in Georgia. We left yesterday and stopped in Atlanta to watch our favorite team play baseball. This morning, I am sitting here on the 24th floor of our hotel room looking out the window. It is a pretty view from this high up but all I hear are cars and horns blowing. If I look down at the roads, they are jam-packed with cars everywhere. Cars switching lanes and blowing their horns at one another. It seems that everyone is just too busy for anything else.

Why is it that sometimes we act too busy to do things, especially if it is something that is not on the top of our priority list? I look down at the people walking the roads and they seem too busy for anyone else. No one really talks to anyone else and a lot of them are on the phone. They aren’t stopping and chatting with people that they see.

From the 24th floor, I have a different view of people. Imagine God’s view of us. He looks down from above and sees all of us. What does He think as well? Do you think that He has the same image of us as I do the people below? Does He think that we all are too busy for Him? If you put yourself in His place for a moment and picture yourself looking down at you, what thought would cross your mind?

We live in a busy world and most of the time we show that we are too busy. Christ should always be at the top of our list. We should never be too busy for Him. I know that many people can’t get off work to do a lot of things because you have to support your family but what about after work? There is always time for Him afterward. If you work all of the time to where you don’t have time for Him, then it may be time to rethink what is important.

We can’t be too busy for God. When the day of judgment comes, we do not want Him to say that He is too busy for us.

Today, try to make Him your first priority before anything else. When you have an opportunity to help someone; help them. Don’t be too busy to serve.

God is Good…

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