Isn’t it amazing what we can accomplish when we are dedicated to doing something?

If you have read my previous posts, you know that Ashley and I are trying to better our health. We have been eating better and exercising a lot more. We both want to lose weight and maintain that weight loss.

Currently, we are out of town on a mission trip in Georgia. We are working with our home congregation with a VBS for a sister congregation down here. One thing that is really putting a toll on us is the food! There was a fish fry last night and being from West Tennessee and loving fish, you can say I ate my fair share tonight. It was great. And the lemonade that was there was AMAZING. So, to say that I completely blew my diet would be an understatement.

I am dedicated to shedding pounds. Not only for myself but for Ashley and the kids. When we got back to the hotel last night, after the Chick-fil-a visit, it was time to try to burn calories. So, Ashley and I both went to the gym and started running. We had our cheat day yesterday and we had to pay for it by exercising more. At the end, it felt good.

Back to my original question… Isn’t it amazing what we can accomplish if we are dedicated to doing something? I’m dedicated to losing weight and I’ve lost almost 20 pounds. Imagine if we were dedicated to spreading God’s word like we are other things in life.

If we all simply took the time to put 100% of our efforts into doing what Jesus commands us to do. If we only would go out into the world and teach others about Him. If we simply made an effort to be as dedicated to our single most important purpose on earth, we would change the world. It would not only change our world but it would change our lives and others as well.

Our world has changed over the past thirty years. Christians are no longer as dedicated to spreading the Word as they were. We may still be as dedicated to loving God but we aren’t teaching others like we should.

We are down here in Georgia door-knocking to encourage people to come to VBS. What will we do when we get back home? Will we be putting the same effort into our own local evangelism as we are this one? That is a tough thing to think about but it won’t happen. We will fall back into the same comfortable atmosphere that we left.

It is time for a change. We need to get dedicated, wherever we may be, to doing the Lord’s work.

God is Good…

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