Over the past week, my Facebook timeline was flooded with photos of old people. Apparently, the most popular app at the top of the Play Store and the Apple store was the app FaceApp. This app takes a person’s selfie and transforms it into an image of an old person. There are many other options that you can transform yourself into but the ‘old’ person face was the most popular.

There were many options on this app including female, male, old, style, and even transgender. What if they had the option of ‘see what God sees’? What would be even more interesting if it gave the actual image of what your Christian life looks like to others? Would your image be the ‘perfect’ Christian angel that may be portrayed on Sundays? Would it even recognize you as a Christian or would it reject your attempt to transform your selfie?

If there is any doubt in what you think that your image would be then you may need to rethink your Christian walk.

There are many times that I think that my image would be something that Jesus would be proud of and then there are times where I am ashamed of the way I acted in certain situations.

Take a moment and think of your current life and what it is like. What would do you see? What would the app show you if you were to choose the ‘see what God sees’ option?

God is Good…

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