Sinking Ship

April 15, 1912, there was a big ship that was cruising the Atlantic. It was only four days into its very first voyage when disaster struck. The Titanic hit an iceberg and within three hours the ship had sunk. This became one of the largest marine disasters in the history of the world.

We all have heard the story of the Titanic and many have watched the movie. It is something that is talked about in many history classes and discussed on television each year when the anniversary comes up. Why did the Titanic, the unsinkable ship, sink? The ocean was filled with water all around the ship but what caused the ship to sink? It wasn’t the water around it, it was the water that got inside of it.

When the Titanic hit the iceberg, it caused a massive hole in the ship and it started to take on water. The water crept into the boat and slowly started rising. From the bottom up, the ship began to fill. Then, the water reached its breaking point and caused the ship to split and be completely submerged. Three quick hours and the boat was totally absent from the sea.

It wasn’t the water around the boat that caused the ship to sink, it was the water inside of the boat that took over and caused its destruction.

We are quick to blame everything in the world when we have something that comes into our lives that causes us to fail. We are like a ship in the ocean, surrounded by water as far as we can see. We are surrounded by people every day and we have the potential to be impacted by all of them. One little crash in our life can cause us to be filled with sin and collapse. If we let one person into our life that can drag us down, it can cause us to spiritually collapse.

Our decisions are important and we need to make sure we analyze each one. For those going to college, it is crucial that you pick the college that will help you grow spiritually. So many choose colleges for the wrong reason and during those years, fall away from Christ. It’s because the world entered their life and began to sink them.

Many people have already let the sin begin to flood their life and are having trouble keeping their life above waters. You may be one of them. If you are or know someone that is, there is only one person that can completely repair you so that you can get back on top of the waters safely. Only God can forgive you and fix you. If you are struggling, give it to God. Repent of the sins that have taken over and start living your life for Him again.

God is Good…

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